Friday, April 26, 2013

American Idol 12 - TOP 4 - One Hit Wonders & Contestant's Choice

Honestly, pretty upset that Janelle Arthur went home. Well, If we go back to the performances last night, She is so far left behind the girls. But, I kinda wished the judges used the save. She got the personality that I really love! I'm utterly shocked that Kree is in the bottom three, Why? She had a one okay performance but the last one was epic. Amber Holcomb supposed to be there. Candice Glover and Angie Miller seems like they're passing by so easily. I really want Kree-Candice finale, But I think Angie will be there. I don't think Amber came close to three of them. If i had to pick who will be going home, I'll answerr Amber. 

For the top 4 results, I honestly still confused of what's happening with Idol this season. Truly the worst season ever. Not just the worst bunch of guys, also the worst season ever. I'm wondering when will they use the save. And to who. They really need to have an extra week.

Let's face it. This week of Idol is one of the worst week of the season. I don't feel like all of the perfromances are top 4 worthy-performance. Kree Harrison who got a lot of criticisms won that night for me. She had a two performances that was really fine. Angie came second, I thought Angie is peaking at the right time. Candice Glover came third. She did a solid job this week. But still, I didn't feel her. And last, Amber Holcomb who is just a miss for me. I don't agree with all of the standing ovations for Amber. Idol is so manipulative. Nigel really wants Amber to win because she's marketable. And they want Angie to win. So they asked the juges to pimp her. They're over pimping. The Duets are pretty awful too. I don't get ALL of the performances this week. I'm truly dissapointed with each of the performances. I thought they're all overreacting. 

Here are the performances for this week:

1. Amber Holcomb - The Power Of Love by Celline Dion/Jennifer Rush: 50
This song has been so overdone. I don't think picking a Diva song would really worked for her. She needs to take chances to win. I don't think she will win, at least she had a great runs on American Idol. Firstly, Hollie Cavanagh sang this. And the twitter problem that Amber is saying Hollie just an OK. Um, this is weird. I felt like this performance got nothing on Hollie Cavanagh's. Hollie Cavanagh nailed it vocally, everything went really great. While Amber tries to smile through the entire performance and that's not working. Why would you smile in a sad song? It's pretty clear that she didn't understand the meaning of the song. I think this is so mediocre. Eventhough vocally she's amazing.

2. Candice Glover - Find Your Love by Drake: 58
I must agree with some of the judges. While Mariah still manages to praise Candice. Candice is the risk-taker of Idol this season. She's fearless. And she took chances. Almost everytime. Picking a Drake song will came up to two possible, you failed at singing it. Or you suceeded on singing it for making that song your own. Candice sang this really well, she took this song really gently at the beginning And made it her own. But, as overall. I don't think this performance gave her a moment. It was really kinda boring. I know that she's having a cold. But, she don't wanna make that as an excuse. She's struggling in that performance. Hate to say this, this is my least favorite performance of hers.

3. Kree Harrison - It Hurts So Bad by Susan Tedeschi: 63
I don't think this was her best. I think this was good. It was okay. These past weeks, Kree have been getting some criticism. I don't think she deserved all of that. I think the judges just wanted people to vote for Amber and Angie. The performance was fine. She vocally nailed it. I hate when Nicki is screaming at her. No, No, No! This is taking chances. She picked a song and made it her own. It would've been better If she moved around stage to make it a little bit looser. She looks so scary up there. I disagree with the judges, for me this was the best tonight.

4. Angie Miller - Who You Are by Jessie J: 69
When Will Angie get tired of singing a Jessie J song for the fourth time. She sang this for the entire them. There's nothing new and special anymore. I know she's a fan of Jessie J. Angie brought her piano on stage again. She's definitely feeling desperate for a moment. She did her thing as usual. It may not perfect. But, this is shockingly good. I felt like the performance needed more emotion. She got the emotion, but i need more. The vocal was amazing. She nailed it. And she did a good job with it. Not a standing ovation worthy, not at all. But, she did have a moment up there.

5. Amber Holcomb & Kree Harrison - Rumor Has It by Adele: 44
I know If Randy was so pissed at Adele songs. No one sang an Adele. Oh there is, JDA. This is a terrible duet. Kree sounded as usual. She did her thing. Amber trying too dominate Kree. I don't liked it. Nicki hated Kree in this performance. Geez. Will she stop to pimp Amber? It's too much. Amber sounded good, better than Kree but It feels like she's taking all of the lyrics and not letting Kree have a moment up there. Kree is kinda distracted. She didn't know what to do. Terrible.

6. Angie Miller  & Candice Glover - Stay by Rihanna: 60
Why the hell did they picked this song? First of all, didn't like the arrangement at ALL. It sounded really corny. A 60 score is for their vocals. Angie sounded like she's also dominating. But, her high notes in this duet was really epic. Candice is doing her thing too. I liked that they're paired up together. The duet may not be perfect, but at least the vocals worked. Eventhough sometimes the harmonies was a bit pitchy. 

7. Amber Holcomb - MacArthur Park by Donna Summer: 32
This song is more like for joke and fun rather than being serious. The long note at the beginning impressed me. Wow. She nailed it. But, when the uptempo part started, It was like the worst performance for her. She sounded really stiff. She didn't fully dancing with her heart. It was more like forced. The long notes is the only thing why I gave a score for her. She did a bad job with this. And the judges still gave her a standing ovation. Finally Jimmy disagreed.

8. Candice Glover - Emotion by Samantha Sang: 68
They judges and Nigel absolutely wants Amber and Angie, and It showed. And they just threw Candice and Kree away. Keith said that the performance had no moment. Well, Keith..Amber had no moment in that song and you still gave her a standing ovation. Candice do her thing in this performance. Her vocals are the best of the night. She picked a song that is for her. I don't think this was the best performance. But, vocally she did an amazing job with it.

9. Kree Harrison - A Whiter Sade Of Pale by Procol Harum: 67
Again, Kree always picked a song that anyone don't know. She picked a song that's so unpredictable. And I loved that song. Most of her songs havent done on Idol before. And I loved that kind of thing. While Amber and Angie sticked to a song that has been done on Idol and hoping that they can beat it. This performance didn't get all the prasie that she needed. She redeemed herself? I don't think she need a redemption. Mariah is right. She did nothing wrong. The vocal here are so fantastic. I liked it.

10. Angie Miller - Cry Me A River by Julie London: 65
I must say, eventhough Angie's both performance was the two highest ranking. But, I must give Kree a props. And Candice. This was more like a lullaby for me. Her voice sounded really great at the end. Thank god the judges didn't gave her a standing ovation. At the end was her best moment. I thought this was Michael Buble's song. Okay then, It was great to see that finally Angie had a moment on stage for a consistently two rounds.

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