Friday, April 19, 2013

American Idol 12 - Vegas Round Girls Part 1

American Idol 12 has been so tiring. Not because the judges seems like they don't have a chemistry, and all the Nicki Minaj - Mariah Carey feud but the changing rules and stuffs. Nigel needs to calm down a bit. I'm loving the last two seasons, which is the 2 bests season of Idol. This season I had no clear favorite. Maybe not yet, I don't know. What I love is the harsh criticisms that the judges is giving. Loving it. Especially Nicki Minaj who tends to be the next Simon Cowell. She's funny and spot on. Keith Urban is too laid back, but still spot on. Mariah Carey, too much talking. I don't know, just dont understand all the stuffs she said. Randy Jackson is Randy Jackson. Never change. The Idea of seperating both gender aren't that brilliant. But, I don't know.

This is what happens tonight, The women that they said are stronger than ever - I just wasn't feeling it tonight. Some of them did great, some of them did good and there are two or three who did really bad. A short review, I love Kree Harrison. She's singing really well tonight. I really love Shubha Vedhula, but the judges sent her home. What A Shame.  Another dissapointing elimination is Isabelle. Who I thought actually is a strong singer. But I dont know what happened. So, let's get started:

1. Jenny Beth Willis - Heaven, Heartache and The Power Of Love: 44
She is so cute and pretty. As an opening, you need to show something fresh and entertaining. Because, some people may judge on the first performance of the night whether they going to watch it for the rest of the night or they going to turn it off. This performance wasn't strong enough to showcase her beautiful voice. So, I was a bit dissapointed because the performance didn't do anything for me.

2. Tenna Torres - Soulmate: 29
I don't understand the judges giving her all that praises. I mean, this girl can sang! And her audition is really memorable. She went to Camp Mariah. Her face looks like a man wearing make ups tho. The perforamnce was boring, really bad. I don't liked this at ALL. I thought the nasal voice she got was really disturbing. So, This is one of the worst performances of the night. 

3. Adriana Latonio - Ain't No Way: 71
People been covering this song for so many times. That let people and viewers at home to compare. Adriana Latonio kinda reminds me of Jessica Sanchez a lot. But, not the face. Jessica Sanchez blew me away since the top 24. Back to Adriana, Adriana deserved that standing ovation. I mean, great performance. Great vocals. She nailed it.

4. Brandy Hotard - Anymore: 30
She's a nurse? Wow. I think she should just return being a nurse instead of a singer. Well, If she still wants to be a singer, she needs to dig even deeper and came back auditioning for the next couple of years (If Idol still survives).. This performance is a ballad performance (Meh). Um, Singing ballad isn't a mistake. People easier to shocked people through ballads more. So, I'm just gonna put that away. This is a weak ballad. Not a strong ballad. Just like Tenna Torres'.

5. Shubha Vedhula - Born This Way: 57
Judges seemed to bring the bus back. And It's heading to Shubha. Don't judge me, But I loved this. This is dope! This is cool. Not better than Skylar's amazing version of Born This Way, which she added a bit of country thing at the beginning. This not came even close, but what I love is she is brave enough to sing a Lady Gaga song and made it her own. So, big Props! But, yes. I'm missing the Shubha beautiful voice through the whole performance. So,  sorry Shubha! 

6. Kamaria Ousley - Mr. Know It All: 7
Who the heck is singing Kelly Clarkson song on Idol? Who? Kamaria! Go Kamaria! Vote For The Worst should make her their pick tho. This is.... how to say Underline and bolded the world "really". She got the style, that's the only positive thing that I got to say. But the vocals (that matters), really awful. How did she advanced? I'm confused right now.

7. Kree Harrison - Up To The Mountain: 80
Kree, Kree, Kree! SING! SING! Don't stop! Geez. Kree is so amazing. She is so pretty, tho. Okay, what ever. She is so amazing. What I love about the performance are 1) Feeling 2)The Hands Movement 3)The Vocals (I should've put this on the first) 4)Face Expressions 5) Song Choice 6)Interpretation. 

8. Angie Miller - Nobody's Perfect: 66
Nobody's Perfect, indeed Angie! So are you. I remember when she sang "You Set Us Free" and I was liked "What The Hell! She should make a Record right now!" Her original song wins me over. I watched her from the Audition. And she seems so nice. The performance tonight was mixed. I loved it vocally, because Angie killed it. But, I'm tired with Jessie J songs she had been singing for thousand times. So, wasn't crazy for this performance. But this I'm okay.

9. Isabelle - God Blesst The Child: 62
I'm mad at you, Isabelle! Why would you picked this overdone song? Since Jacob Lusk and Haley Reinhart killed it! So, there is no chance for others to sing it even better. Isabelle vocally killed it. Everybody complained about the old-fashioned voice in her, but I loved it. That's the thing that stood out from her, and that's not a problem. 

10. Amber Holcomb - My Funny Valentine: 83
This is almost perfect. My second favorite performance tonight. Vocally, Amber killed it! Mariah is clapping like a seal when she perform. That high note and all the falsettos, that just made us making a huge standard for her. I'm really scared she will get Pia'd. But, this is a great and huge accomplishment. Especially, when you see those pathetic performances tonight. I'm good with this.

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