Friday, April 19, 2013

American Idol 12 - Semi Finals Guys

I prepare some snacks so that I wouldn't be as boring as hell. I don't really had an expectation for these bunch of people. I really do think that Devin Velez, Curtis Finch, Vincent Powell and Paul Jolley will kill this performance.  Tonight semi finals is such a mess. I found some of the performances that I will easily put on the Bottom 20 later on. This is what happened:

1. Elijah Liu - Stay: 58
I didn't know that Elijah got this softer side of him. I mean, not the softer side. The relaxing side of him. He's so current, I kinda liked this performance which makes him so young and fresh when you watched it. His vocals are okay this time. I didn't find anything wrong with this performance. But I felt like he also needs to have a knowledge list of songs because the theme on American Idols isn't just the modern themes. So, Elijah needs to pushed himself even further. This is a great accomplishment, but We want more.

2. Cortez Shaw - Locked Out Of Heaven: 26
I thank God because It's uptempo. The same thing as Elijah, Cortez is so current. He picked both current song just like Elijah. So both are on the same level. But the performance is too karaoke for me. I love the dance at the beginning which is cool. This kind of performance wouldn't get enough votes. 

3. Charlie Askew - Mama: 9
This is what I called a really stupid performance. The worst performance of the guy. For me, the performance is, I knew that Charlie couldn't handled the pressure going this far. He just didn't have that ability to handle all of the bad feedbacks this year. Last year, which is softer than the judges this year. This year you got Nicki who will say anything that she wants to say. Charlie is probably one of the worst guy talent this year. This is too screamy. And I want to puke.

4. Nick Boddington - Iris: 46
I love Nick, He's lovable. And everytime he sings you can see the sparkles. And everytime he sings it just made you so relax. His relaxing side just didn't worked for me everytime. This is boring and too safe. Even his vocals are getting much better this time. I just don't feel it.

5. Burnell Taylor - I'm Here: 66
Burnell is my favorite male contestant this year. Not only his tone, but he's so calm and seems like a nice dude. What I'm afraid is he only can show this kind of performance. I want him to dig even deeper. Because the competition is on (for the girls).

6. Paul Jolley - Just A Fool: 50
Jolley! Jolley! Jolley! Finally, Like i said. He's not a country singer. He's more like pop and can sing anything he wants. I think that he confused what kind of artist he will be when he's out from Idol. Well, that might hurt him. 

7. Lazaro Arbos - Feeling Good: 57
I appreciate him for singing this song. Eventhough this is such an overdone song. I really do feel like he's grown. I know that He is even a better singer than this. He hits all the notes well. I think he will advance. For me, Him and Burnell is the clear one who will easily make to the top ten.

8. Curtis Finch - Believe I Can Fly: 55
I don't know why did the judges love this performance so much. I never liked any of the covers of this song. I thought it was pretty stupid for singing this song. He got the potential, his a vocal coach he is definitely knows how to sing more than the other guys. So, he got an advantage on that one.

9. Devin Velez - Somos Novios (It's Impssoble): 70
Again, Devin killed it! I think not all of the guys sucked. Devin Velez is my new favorite for the guy to win. Thank god Devin didn't sucked.

10. Vincent Powell - End Of The Road: 54
I don't expect him to struggled in this song. I thought that he can make this song his own. I Was wrong then. This song really didn't do anything. And it's really boring. All the runs and stuffs just didn't work this time.

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