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American Idol 12 - TOP 6 - Burt Bacharach And Song You Wish You Had Written

One guy standing, I now everyone is pissed at last result. But, with performance like Burnell gave, He definitely the worst that night. For me. I kinda thought that Lazaro stepped up a bit last night. I'm pretty excited about this week since there are two round. And I'm pretty pissed about Janelle Arthur at the bottom three? Why? She did amazing with it! And Janelle Arthur's chance of being even on the top three had decreased. It's no doubt that the top three is going to be Candice Glover, Angie Miller and Kree Harrison. And After that top three, I don't know how America gonna deal with this. Because this might be the hardest decision ever on American Idol.

This week's theme is pretty amazing. Because the second theme is more like you can sing anything you want. And the first theme is officially new. I'm not gonna say these six are my first prediction of the season. I honestly thought Amber Holcomb have gone so far and didn't expect Lazaro to stay longer. But, this is Idol. You can't predict everything. The producers can do what they want.

Tonight, I'm feeling so amazing. Candice Glover won the night for me. Both performances definitely the best two performances of the night. Candice Glover don't let any of the contestants left beat her! That's amazing. My another top three is probably Kree Harrison. Since she's doing a fine job with her second performanc that almost made me into tears. My third favorite is...I have to give it to Amber Holcomb. Props for Amber for singing both uptempo song. Janelle Arthur came fourth, for me Janelle Arthur is a bit playing safe. But, I loved her second performance. Angie Miller, I don't get the pimping for second performance. Lazaro Arbos, What Can I Say? Worst Performance of the season I guess. I love all of the judges, they're doing their job really great.  

My Prediction for the bottom three are Janelle Arthur, Lazaro Arbos And Angie Miller. Angie Miller needs to feel the feeling to be in the bottom three. I don't think Amber Holcomb will hit the bottom three.

And these are the performances:

1. Angie Miller - Anyone Who Had A Heart: 31
Angie's biggest problem is, her confidence shown only when she's with her piano. Besides that, (I didn't counted I Surrender, which is one of her best performances) she felt flat, she have no emotion through the song that she's singing. Angie had been struggling with her showing her sexy side and the side that Nicki said needn't to be shown. I honestly think that this is her worst one. I felt like this is so flat, I didn't feel anything after watching this performance. Vocally, didn't do anything. 

2. Amber Holcomb - Say A Little Prayer: 52
I'm so excited when I heard Amber sang an uptempo song, wait...she sang both uptempo songs. Which I really apreciate, I think she had been listening to reviews and recaps about her that people wanted her to take more chances, don't just do ballads or you'll be Pia'd. She definitely took a chance this time. Eventhough this wasn't that great, I mean vocally It was good. Really good. But as a performance, it was really boring. I don't think she should sing the whole song. The second chorus was really boring. So, I like about her singing an uptempo, but the performance didn't wow me.

3. Lazaro Arbos - Close To You: 4
This is so funny, On the same week we have the best performance of the season, and we got the worst performance as well. Lazaro, the most struggling contestant definitely got his moment back to make the Judges kept on saying that he is not ready. I'm agree with the judges saying that 'Is learning a tough thing for you?' Vocally, It was terrible. Like words cannot explain how terrible that is. He knew he sucked, And Thank god he knew it. And If the next round he did an awful job and he kept on making excuses. I swear to god I will turn off my tv when he performed.

4. Kree Harrison - What The World Needs Now Is Love: 76
Like everyone said, Kree had that control in her voice. Everybody been comparing Kree to Janelle. I must say, Janelle is so far left behind Kree. Everyone predicted Kree to win this whole thing, Wait a minute...Wait until Angie bring back her original song. And It's now between Candice or Kree who will make it through the finale. Both of them should, But i'm pretty sure only one of them advanced. This performance started with Acapella, which I really like. A bit unique and something different. And by the middle of the performance, Kree took it all away. Stood out from others. She sung this song like It's supposed to be sung. 

5. Janelle Arthur - I'll Never Fall In Love Again: 52
I thnk this time It's about Amber, Janelle and Lazaro. Who will leave sooner, And who will leave a little bit later. Country vote is really strong. But If Janelle kept on doing performances that forgettable like this, People will really get bored at her. This is not a ballad song, Thank god.  Like Amber, there is nothing in this performance that I really really liked, which makes the performance flat. I loved that she's feeling comfortable at moving around stage, going to the panel and stuffs. She is entertaining. She got stage presence. But, I must say the performance was really boring, forgettable. Wasn't that bad, because vocally she kinda nailed it. So, Wasn't crazy but It was fine.

6. Candice Glover - Don't Make Me Over: 82

I honestly felt like this competition belongs to Kree and Candice. Amber, Janelle and Angie are being so incosistent. That hurt them. They always struggled with song choice. I honestly felt like Candice picked a really great song for her vocals. She usually changed and make a song her own, this is special for her vocals. All that falsettos, work! She got the feeling and emotion that's lacking with all these remaining contestants (except,Kree) She understood what It takes to win this whole thing. And It seems like she could just win just in a blink.

Round 2: Song I Wish I Had Written

7. Angie Miller - Love Came Down by Kari Jobe: 70
What's so interesting with this theme is, it's more like you can sing anything you want. It's more like Contestant Choice. Angie definitely back on the piano, Nicki asked her to. I mean, last week she didn't have enough time on the piano. It was like just the first 25 seconds. This week, it's piano time. I always loved her when she's reunited with her piano. It's like the part of her soul is back. Vocally, she did what she had done when she picked Colton Dixon's song. She did that exactly the same, I wasn't crazy about this performance. But, she did an amazing job with it, And we should give her more credits.

8. Amber Holcomb - Love On Top by Beyonce: 62
This is definitely the most enjoyable. When you don't have to think hard. When you're watching Candice, you're trying to get inside and feel the emotion. With this performance, It was more like 'yeah...I'm dancing right now'. Amber suceeded at making a huge smile on everybody's face right now. I'm not totally agree with Nicki said that Beyonce needs to watch out. Vocally, there are lots of Bum notes. And there were moment when she was like having a hiccup. I'm not a fan of this performance, But I really apreciate her to bring something fresh and really new on the stage. Not just a boring diva ballad.

9. Lazaro Arbos - Angels by Robbie Williams: 33
Anyone felt like this is one of the most relaxing performance Lazaro ever performed? I honestly thought that this is one of the most enjoyable performance he ever had. It wasn't perfect at all, and after getting all those critics that made me wants to like hugged him and asked him to calm down. I may say this is a redemption. A lot better than the first one, But...Wasn't enough to beat the girls. Even Janelle. He didn't missed the word, He hitted all of the notes. And I really do hope If he makes it through next week..He will do the exact same thing or even better.

10. Kree Harrison - Help Me Make It Through The Night by Kris Kristofferson: 82
Woah, Kree nailed the first performance like a pro. She didn't even struggled at all. Again, I must say..She can sing anything. I assumed she could take a Rap song and make it her own. Do Nicki Minaj's song! I think she will make a huge different style. Kree always put her feelings into the song. When she sang this, It touched my heart. Especially at the end when she's singing the lyrics that said "Help Me Make It Through The Niiiight" With all those runs and melodies. Kree just put herself on the best week she ever had and on the top of the pack. Leading these amateurs that still didn't understand that this is a competition not a karaoke contest.

11. Janelle Arthur - The Dance by Garth Brooks: 71
This is the third performance that almost made me into tears. What I love about Janelle is eventhough in her performances she always put that smile. People might think she didn't have feeling while singing. They were wrong. Janelle had those feelings from her voice that really touched people's heart. This performance, I don't even found a problem with it. The only thing that matters is the performance was a bit boring at the beginning. But at the end, She really killed it. I personally think like this is one of her bests. (You Keep Me Hangin On, The Dance and I Will) Those are the three best performances she ever had that I didn't expected coming from Janelle Arthur.

12. Candice Glover - Lovesong by The Cure: 95
I don't think there is much to said. Singers, Idol alumns, Judges had been giving her shoutouts. So It's crazy If she didn't make it to the top three. Candice Glover, the returnee Idol contestant should thanked Randy (the one who is still there) that they cut her last year. This year, I'm feeling more fire in her. This performance, She killed it in the first second of the performance. I don;t even care about the ghost sound or what ever it is, Candice completely captivated me to vote for her. Vocally nailing it. I love the bluesy and jazzy spin she did at the beginning. And all the high notes at the end. The first time I thought the judges aren't overreacting. And Carey giving her sparkles or glitters is like one of the best moments of Idol this season.

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