Saturday, April 20, 2013

American Idol 12 - TOP 7 - Rock (No Ballads)

Hey people, Lazaro Arbos over Devin Velez. Isn't that amazing? Last bottom three are all guys. I wasn't surprised but they deserved it. I was expecting to see Burnell went home. I would see Devin Velez like Haley Reinhart, being on the bottom three on the earlier of the season and ended up in the top three. Only two guys left, I honestly thought in the upcoming weeks it will be only 4 girls and a guy left. I honestly thought that Lazaro had a really strong fanbase and sadly he will stay a bit longer than he deserved.

The theme this week helped me a lot. Not just me, to all of the viewers and voters who are too tired for another ballad performances. I honestly thanked the one who picked this theme. Rock theme seemed to be the hardest theme for every single contestants left. It seemed like a real trouble for them. Because some of them are more likely to play safe. And this is what you got. A really hard theme.

This week, The judges comments are dumb-er than ever. Angie Miller return and kicked-ass this time. My favorite this week is Candice Glover who rocked the house. Candice Glover came first this week. Followed by Angie Miller. The third one, I'm going to give it to Amber Holcomb. Who did a quite great job. Lazaro Arbos isn't getting any better. Burnell Taylor's performance didn't wow-ed me. Kree Harrison dissapoint me this time. I thought this song is really wrong for her to sing. And last Janelle Arthur who did a good job. 

My Prediction for the top three this week is Angie Miller, Candice Glover and Kree Harrison. And For the bottom three Burnell Taylor, Amber Holcomb and Lazaro Arbos. With Burnell Taylor leaving.

These are the performances:

1. Burnell Taylor - You Give Love A Bad Name by Bon Jovi: 41
Do you know how risky it is to performed first  of the night, especially when someone is so forgettable like Burnell. I honestly thought that Burnell got no hope. After an inconsistent ride on Idol. This is his time to go. The performance sounded more into lazy singing than wanting to rock. The leg kicking just didn't worked for me. I thought it was really forced. His vocals aren't as beautiful as always. The performance was a bit dissapointment.

2. Lazaro Arbos & Angie Miller - Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Queen: 8
Does Anyone really tired of Lazaro Arbos making thousands of excuses? I really think once he needs to admit it. And move on. This is awful. This is really awful. If they thought that Angie Miller is helping Lazaro, I don't think so. I think that 'this is my time to shine'. I think that Lazaro ruined the duet. Angie sounded really stiff and okay. Both of them aren't doing great this week.

3. Kree Harrison - Piece Of My Heart by Janis Joplin: 54
Hey, this reminded me of Haley Reinhart flawless and fierce version of Piece Of My Heart. I don't know If the pinch nerve ruined the performance. Cause I felt the pinch nerve kinda ruined it. It made Kree looked like she's really in pain. She's uncomfortable, I can tell. She moved around stage, but that seemed a bit too forced. Vocally, I didn't loved it as usual. Kree is an amazing singer. She always sounded great in every song, I don't know if this song is too big for her or not, I honestly thought Kree is decreasing.

4. Candice Glover & Burnell Taylor - The Letter by The Box Tops: 68
Like usual, I'm gonna seperate these two talented contestants. Burnell Taylor needs to thanked Candice that the fact that Candice made the duets even better. Burnell sounded really well on this duet. He's feeling really comfortable doing it. And that's the most important thing while you're singing. Candice Glover sounded fantastic, with all that runs. Candice is on the top of the pack leading.

5. Janelle Arthur - You May Be Right by Billy Joel: 65
It's a great song choice from Janelle Arthur. Eventhough the vocals arent as flawless as the last two performances, Janelle is still giving a solid performance from Billy Joel. I honestly thought that this is what she needs to do more. Enjoyable, fun, young, fresh performance. She owned the stage. That little girl is going to slay everyone in this competition. It may not be perfect, but it was really good.

6. Lazaro Arbos - We Are The Champion by Queen: 21
I wonder when will Lazaro hit a 'B'. His highest score is C+ so far, If I'm not mistaken. Lazaro is the drama king, he always dramatized anything. Especially the movement. I had no idea what he's singing. But, I'm liking the second part of it. He ended the performance so lovable, the move that really made me wanna laugh so much. Lazaro isn't getting any better this week. He's the lucky bastard that get through each week.

7. Janelle Arthur, Kree Harrison & Amber Holcomb - It's Still Rock N Roll To Me by Billy Joel: 56
I agree with the judges one this one, Amber Holcomb wins. She is shining brightly like a diamond (As RiRi said). I don't know If Kree Harrison really do well this time. But her pinch nerve affected her performance, really. Janelle Arthur sounded good. The performance was okay. It was fine. It was nothing that really go wrong. The judges seemed they're not liking it that much. Especially Nicki. I love the part when the three of them went to the judges, Best musical moment of the season i guess.

8. Candice Glover - I Can't Get No (Satisfaction) by The Rolling Stones: 79
I don't get all of the hating. I think Candice rocked the house tonight! She sounded so amazing. All the growls really works. And She added that bluesy spin in the song. I love when she went to Orianthi and moved and danced a little bit. Having a great moment on the stage. I honestly thought this is one of her most confidence performance. I loved it! 

9. Amber Holcomb - What About Love by Heart: 69
This is the first standing ovation of the night, I guess? This is good. But I don't see this performance is a standing ovation worthy. I found out it's a bit screamy in the high notes. She was like just singing it and don't care If it went too screamy at least I hit the notes perfectly. She hits all notes perfectly, no doubt. But, I just didn't felt like this was the moment.

10. Angie Miller - Bring Me To Life by Evanescene: 76
First I didn't enjoyed it that much. I thought this performance lacks of that rock stuffs. But, the second time I heard it, I was really into this song. I love how the fan worked, It showed Angie's tummy. It was more like a tornado more like a fan machine. I really love what they did to Haley Reinhart on Rhiannon, this is just too much. The performance actually bring Angie back. She is definitely back. Her vocals are amazing on this one. Great job to Angie.

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