Saturday, April 20, 2013

American Idol 12 - TOP 9 - Beatles

I'm so happy Curtis is gone (I'm such a mean person). I really do, That guy got no attitude. And I think he's kinda mean, too. And Nicki Minaj will leave if Curtis goes home? What? She even missed Curtis' performance. The bottom three, A bit shocking. I thought that Devin Velez will get many votes since he's young and maybe a lot of girls will love him. I dont really dig how they declared the voting. Who came first, who came third, fifth I thought they're copycating X-Factor. Funny thing is, that doesn't work. 

The Sing-Off. I honestly think that Aubrey Cleland performs much better than Charlie Askew. Eventhough we all tired and sick of all the ballad singer. I still think that Aubrey Cleland deserved that tour spot a lot more than Charlie Askew.

Aubrey Cleland - Out Here On My Own: B
Charlie Askew - Sky Blue Diamond: B-

Surprisingly, Tonight is even worse than the top ten week. Tonight is like, all BALLAD. I don't really love all the performances. I thought Janelle Arthur redeemed herself. Kree Harrison won the night for me. Her rendition of that song really wow-ed me. Candice Glover is pretty good performing too. My favorite guy this week is Burnell Taylor. The rest of the group are doing fine. Lazaro Arbos is the worst of the pack. And I guess that didn't suprised you all.


1. Kree Harrison - With A Little Help From My Friends: 84
She is so gorgeous. I see her looked like Adele sometimes. Kree Harrison is killing all the contestants alive! Every note, she ate it up. And the melody. That was the thing that really matters. The high notes, everything she hits perfectly. She just easily became my favorite this season. She's ready.

2. Burnell Taylor - Let It Be: 63
Can I say Burnell is back? Cause I thought this is really good. The tone, his beautiful tone works really properly with this song. When he sang 'Let It Be..Let It Be' It was really beautiful. I Honestly thought that the performance would be so damn corny because of the song choice were too safe. But, actually it's not bad! It's not even bad. Exceeded my expectations. Burnell Taylor kinda redeemed himself.

3. Amber Holcomb - She's Leaving Home: 67
I don't know why did the judges didn't liked this that much. I thought this was fine. This was good. Yes, not much people knew this song. In the list of Beatles songs, this was the least popular I guess. But the vocals is the thing that exactly matter. If you can see Amber really understand the meaning of the song, she's really into it.

4. Lazaro Arbos - In My Life: 11
I'm not feeling this at ALL. Honestly, One of the worst performances on Idol this season. First of all, He started really wrong. He's pitchy. I'm curious. Is He ever watched back all of his performances? If he does. He needs to learn from all the mistakes and be a better singer. Is He missing the lyric?

5. Candice Glover - Come Together: 76
I'm in love with Candice, And from all the recaps. I admire her. She knows how to sing and she showed it everytime she opened her mouth. If you think Candice is forgettable, you're wrong. Only by this performance, we can conclude that she can sing anything. She got that beautiful voice. And she can do anything with her vocals. 

6. Paul Jolley - Eleanor Rigby: 50
I've been questioning Paul Jolley about what kind of artist he will be. He always answered that question with 'A male version of Carrie and Swift" So I assumed it's country. And he doesn't sounded anything like it. He's pop. The performance was okay. But, when he started playing with his falsetto, I am like confused here. The judges seemed not interested in this performance at all. Clearly not his best, but it was still a good one.

7. Angie Miller - Yesterday: 63
Angie is known for the contestant who dramatized everything while singing. This is a bit too broadway. She has no feeling  into this performance. I've found a lot of people covering this song, and they did slightly better than what Angie did. Besides lacks of emotion, It was really boring too. But her eyes wins me over

8. Devin Velez - The Long And Winding Road: 54
Woah, this song is too big for him. Firstly, he got no emotion while singing. As usual, his face went so straight. I don't know why, I don't think he understands the meaning of the song. So that he just don't get the right feeling when he sings. Devin Velez being in the bottom confuses me a lot, Which means that he got no strong fanbases than I thought he would get. 

9. Janelle Arthur - I Will: 75
I have never been so in love with Janelle before.  Her journey on Idol have been so inconsistent. I don't she ever performed really well since the Vegas Rounds. And Janelle is definitely back. For a satisfying performance, I'm pretty sure Janelle will stay for at least top six or more. If she stays consistent. This performance told me the message, Janelle sang it really great. The second best of the night.

Kree Harrison - With A Little Help From My Friends: A
Janelle Arthur - I Will: B+
Candice Glover - Come Together: B+
Amber Holcomb - She's Leaving Home: B
Burnell Taylor - Let It Be: B
Angie Miller - Yesterday: B-
Paul Jolley - Eleanor Rigby: B-
Devin Velez - The Long And Winding Road: C+
Lazaro Arbos - In My Life: F

My money of who's going home is on Devin Velez. He had been struggling to gain votes. I think Paul Jolley and Lazaro Arbos will accompany her in the bottom three. 
Those who will be in the top three most likely will be Janelle Arthur, Candice Glover and Kree Harrison.

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