Sunday, May 5, 2013

American Idol 12 - Top 4 Redux - Now And Then

Now And Then has been the most entertaining theme for me, I remember the last two seasons on top five weeks. The performances are crazy that time. And last season, I loved it too. Where shocking elimination happened. Last week's elimination said that nobody is leaving. Upset me a little bit, but on the other side. It's great for them to showed their teeth more. The amount of votes last week will be combine with this week and someone must leave this week. After Kree is safe, I honestly thought that Kree is now unsafe. People might think she's safe enough. So they will voted for Candice who they think is not safe. Amber, no hope for this girl. She is leaving this week. Angie, she's stronger. I don't think she deserve the spot on the top 2 or finale, Kree and Candice is a better singer. I think they must be on the finale. These top four is doing their job, I can't wait for a brand new season to start everything new. This season has been so frustating. I hope next season will be much better.

Performances this year are such a hot mess. Who won the night? I must say Candice Freaking Glover. I don't know why everytime she sings magical thing appears. Her first one was brilliant, her second one was absolutely magical. But I prefer her first one than the second one. But both performances are ahead of the girls. I don't know how to arrange the three girls. So I'll arrange the performance. The third best performance of the night is Kree's first performance. And Amber's second performance came fourth. Followed by Kree's second performance. The sixth performance is Angie's second. And Amber's performance came last.

These are the mess:

1. Angie Miller - Diamonds by Rihanna: 46
I don't understand why everyone loved this so much. I thought this was pretty hot mess. Angie sounded just like she covered this song on Youtube. Nothing's special. It went really flat and sleepy. I loved everytime she took on a piano, which is her soul. She didn't quite did the same job she usually did when she's on her piano. This is sounded really boring. They were right, It didn't go anywhere.

2. Amber Holcomb - Just Give Me A Reason by P!nk : 38
Keith is so in love with Amber. Err. I don't think this was good at all. This was really flat. I hated the second the band started to sing together with her. Before the chorus, that was much better. Vocally, nothing's special. It was just felt too karaoke for me. If she went home this week, that's okay. She have left some beautiful performances on Idol. She must be so proud of herself.

3. Candice Glover - When I Was Your Man by  Bruno Mars: 80
Candice Glover showed everyone that she is CURRENT. Nicki, take that! I honestly never felt her as old fashioned. This performance is the performance that I really scared of. I was wondering that How If Candice sang this like karaoke, I'm afraid. But then, with great vocal, and much emotion. I'm into tears. This was her third performance that made me cry. After When You Believe, Lovesong and this performance. I believe in Candice more and more.

4. Kree Harrison - See You Again by Carrie Underwood: 71
I love that Nicki said even if the performance lacks of something, She loved that kree believed in what she is singing. Kree and Candice always able to put emotion and feeling into a song that Angie and Amber couldn't. The amount of emotion that Kree got tells the message of the song and It delivered well to audience. It's hard not to love Kree, not just Kree but also the performance and the vocal. Because, i must say. Kree is a whole package. But, please stop overthinking.

5. Angie Miller - Someone To Watch Over Me by Frank Sinatra: 52
Much better than the first performance. Again, i didn't felt like this performance really wins the night. I honestly thought that the other girls over-performed her. I'm confused. Why is she still playing safe this time? The vocals are flawless. No doubt. Everytime she hits the high notes, I was blown away. That was really nice. But, I don't think she have enough feelings into this song that might helped her to gain votes. Lackluster performance.

6. Amber Holcomb - My Funny Valentine by Chet Baker: 58
I actually really loved the vegas version of this performance. I scored it really high. I thought she sounded so current on the other version than this. This version seemed really boring for me. Vocally, much better. But, she's a bit looser in the other version. I was a bit dissapointed thought that she's gonna kill it and where everyone said that this is the best 'My Funny Valentine' sounded like. I disagree. She could do better than this mediocre performance. Not shocked if she leaves tomorrow.

7. Candice Glover - You've Changed by Billie Holiday: 78
She started with a bit of jazzy style she got. Just like what she did on 'LoveSong'. I loved this performance. It was like magical things happens. Her vocals are undeniably beautiful. And she finally gets the credits that she deserved from the judges. But, I love the first performance a lot more. This was really amazing, no doubt. But this was phenomenal too. 

8. Kree Harrison - Stormy Weather by Lena Home: 61
The judges seemed like they wanted Kree to leave. Especially Kree. I don't think this was that bad. This was good. But not as good as the other performances. Her other performances, exactly. Vocals here are crazy. Again, we need to mention her vocals again and again. And feelings was checked even before she started singing the song that we knew she gonna nailed the emotion. Message, delivered. It wasn't that powerful, but this was good. She's holding back. I don't think she need to do that. But this was better than any of Angie's and Amber's.

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