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American Idol 12 - TOP 5 - Divas Week & The Year They Were Born

That breathe of relief when you realized that the ones who should've gone long time ago now eliminated. I wish Lazaro all the best, but this isn't for him. I'm not that shocked that Amber is in the bottom. And I don't think any of the viewers shocked too. Since her performances both are not as strong as Candice,Kree, Angie (Well her second one) even Janelle. So, that's what happens. 

I honestly feeling so stressful right now, 'Diva Week'? That means there will be a lot more ballads. And The second theme, Everyone who have been watching Idol since the beginning knew that this theme is American Idol's favorite but the contestants hardest theme. You can see a lot of contestants struggled with this theme. Only few of them did justice. This last five contestants left are probably the strongest contestants who left. I kinda wished that Aubrey and Breanna can come back to the competition as a shocker. And I know If one of them eliminated, They will use the save.

Tonight, the performances was okay. I didn't loved every performances. It's really dissapointing to think that last week they were much better. And giving too much standing ovations makes me sick. My favorite of the night is Candice Glover. As always. Wasn't feeling Candice as last week. This is what happens when you got a really perfect performance the previous week and the upcoming weeks people just had a huge standard. A new standard. Amber Holcomb, Didn't love her this week. I think she will go. Janelle Arthur, I don't think we found the real Janelle yet since last week. Angie Miller, Don't understand all of the standing ovations the judges gave her. Pointless. Kree Harrison, good but not great.

My prediction for bottom two are Amber Holcomb and Janelle Arthur. And I'm pretty sure Amber will go.

Here are the performances:

1. Candice Glover - Straight Up by Paula Abdul: 77
Candice always looks nervous when she gets first. So, The Year They Were Born theme is on the first round, ok. Candice Glover always looks so beautiful on stage. I loved the arrangement. I really curious about the original version of it. I always loved when she make a huge different version from the original, that makes you think that she's that creative. Her and Janelle are the only both contestants that I think really creative. Well, Angie is. But compared to both, Candice and Janelle is really creative. Candice's creativity shown today, and that's relaxing arrangement was really good. She did an amazing job with it. I thought the judges going to gave her a standing ovation, but they didn't.

2. Janelle Arthur - When I Call Your Name by Vince Gill: 65
Like everyone said, Janlle always looks more confident when she's playing with her guitar. That's also the part of her soul. Janelle have been struggling and claimed as the weakest singer from the girls. This performance might satisfied all of her fans. But, for the one that have been underestimating, mocking and saying bad things to her unfortunately keep on doing it, because this performance wasn't that strong to satisfy all of the viewers. Her vocals are really good, and Keith was wrong saying that Janelle didn't feel it. I felt it. It was really beautiful. It was a beautiful moment, but not a strong performance.

3. Kree Harrison - She Talks To Angels by The Black Crowes: 62
If i make a list of Kree's song choices, I think I only can recognize not even a half of it. She picked a song that's not too mainstream. Not a pure country song, with a mixture of soul and blues sometimes. I loved her, I can tell she's a smart woman. By the way she picked the song, She didn't want everyone to think her as the predictable one. This performance may not satisfy the judges. But for me, she did a new thing on stage which is owning the stage. She moved around the stage. Some parts we saw her might not be too comfortable doing it. But at least she tried. And I really love that Nicki and Mariah are actually having a conversation.

4. Angie Miller - I'll Stand By You by The Pretenders: 55
She's back on the piano, I guess she will be playing at least once a week since we had a two weeks and two performances each from the contestants. I'm waiting for her to sing her original song. She dedicated this to Boston, And I think that's why the judges gave her a standing ovation. Apart from that, This is really weak performance. I'm not feeling Angie's performance at all. This was really flat. The band were too loud that time, I Couldn't heard her voice that well. She did took a risk, with Pia Toscano singing the hell out of this song, that really sets the bar high for everyone who's trying to sing this song. Angie came up singing this as karaoke as It could be, and It hurted her. But, the judges gave her a standing ovation. What so ever.

5. Amber Holcomb - Without You by Mariah Carey: 40
It's really weird because the ones who gets a standing ovation i ranked them really low. Lower than the ones who didn't get any. What is so suprising with this performance? Someone tell me please? Nicki is right. The high notes what ever didn't worked for her. I think she didn't connected to this song really well. I'm not feeling all of those notes at all. I mean, the part when she sang the choruses, for me that's too forcy. She forced herself. Or maybe she's just nervous that she's singing infront of the original singer. I just don't feel this is the right performance. 

Round2: Divas

6. Candice Glover - When You Believe by Whitney Houston&Mariah Carey: 79
Like I said, eventhough Candice was my favorite this week. Both of her performanes got nothing on both of hers last week. This performance seems boring on the bridge. I don't think she supposed to be singing it. Vocally, wasn't that perfect. I compared to the way she usually sings. But, the key change really works well! Right after the bridge, I cried. I listened and watched it, And i started to cry. This was really beautiful. I was touched by the performance. Not a picture perfect, but this performance suceeded at making me cry. 

7. Janelle Arthur - Dumb Blonde by Dolly Parton: 41
All the fireworks, lol. That works well. The staging was really perfect. Am I the one that think the judges is now really throwing Janelle under the bus? Because I think they're so tired at Janelle. The performance was not good, I gotta say. She had no moment in that performance. Sure she's having fun up there. Her vocals are okay, not the main problem of this whole performance. I felt like It's time for her to picked a song that really suited her voice. A more relaxing performance so that we can hear her beautiful voice more. She didn't shine in this performance.

8. Kree Harrison - Have You Ever Been In Love by Celline Dion: 75
See, Did anyone of you expected her to sing this song? No right. The fourth standing ovation. Wow, they're giving it too much. Just like last year on top nine where they're giving a standing ovation for anyone (None for Hollie Cavanagh, Skylar Laine, Jessica Sanchez and Colton Dixon). This performance really captivated me. Kree's vocals are so much better in this performance. Again I must say, Kree can sing anything. This song is not really on her wheelhouse. But she did a really enormous job for it.

9. Angie Miller - Halo by Beyonce: 71
I felt like Angie really wants to win this thing. And She will do anything. I think she overthinks. This is her weakest week on the show for me. This song is one of my favorites from Beyonce. I think everyone loved it. I didn't. Sorry not sorry. Because the performance was too dramatized. Props for her not singing this performance and sounded not karaoke. Vocally, she sounded great no doubt. But still, I want more from her. I expect more. She had an amazing runs at the first one or two weeks of the competition. Is this  the time for her to bring back her original song?

10. Amber Holcomb - What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life by Barbra Streisand: 70
Amber, another diva ballad performance. She actually sang two diva ballad performance. This one was much better than her first round. She sounded really amazing. She understood the lyrics. When she understood the lyrics, It's when she really connected and When viewers really felt her. This was really pretty. All of the notes she held handled really well. And the ending was really good. I don't know If this was her best. Cause I thought this didn't wow me that much. I expect more.

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