Friday, April 19, 2013

American Idol 12 - Vegas Round Guys Part 1

Dissapointing results last week, Tenna Torres advanced. I don't know what is the exact reason they put her through. But all the other girls will ate her alive. Kree Harrison, Amber  Holcomb, Angie Miller and Adriana Latonio I know they will advanced. If someone can steal Tenna Tores' spot, that would be Shubha Vedhula. At least the judges gave her one last chance, they believed her. And Nicki seemed like she didn't like Shubha Vedhula that much. So, I don't know. Kamaria Ousley, Shubha Vedhula, Isabelle, Brandy Hotard and Jenny Beth Willis better luck next time. These bunch of guys I had no expectation. I hope they do great in this competition. But no expectations at all. I'm excited to see Johnny Keyser, JDA, Paul Jolley and Jimmy Smith. Here they are:

1. Paul Jolley - Tonight I Wanna Cry: 45
He wants to be a male version of Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood? I don't think he's country. He's more like pop. He can sing anything, he got the ability of doing it. He just need to let go. Paul Jolley is actually one of the bests singer from the guys. But, I don't know tonight was a real miss for me. He didn't get the emotion from the song.

2. Johnny Keyser - I Won't Give Up: 56
Not a great song choice, especially when you're going to fight for a spot. Only five of them going to advance. Vocally, yes..I'm not getting all these great vocals. I think Johnny is a better singer last year than this year. I don't know, this year he's more like "I think I will advance" more than like he's showing all he can. Eventhough he's a bit cocky last year, I love him last year than this year. This performance was a real miss. Eventhough it was fine.

3. JDA - Rumor Has It: 51
Adele needs to see this. She might be laughing so hard. I laughed so hard. He's like Zoanette. He worked on that stage really well. But, wasn't getting the vocal. JDA got lots of confidence going on. I don't know, I don't think JDA is really that five spot worthy. 

4. Kevin Harris - Everything I Do (I Do It For You): 34
Uh, this is such a weak ballad. I don't like it. I thought this was a really safe sleepy boring ballad. I don't know, the song choice is the biggest problem this time. I felt like this song is the song that he had been doing for his entire life, and he's just wanna bring back so that he wouldn't trying too hard to do stuffs and all. Vocally, was fine. It was alright. But, It was really safe.

5. Chris Watson - Sittin On The Dock Of The Bay: 5
Brielle sang this, and I thought that Chris is not going to sing this song. I love Brielle's version. Chris Watson's version is like...Woah dude. He sucks. This is so bad. I can almost put this performance at the same level with Kamaria Ousley. The vocals aren't that great, eventhough he works on that stage really well. For me, this is so boring and bad.

6. Devin Velez - Listen: 65
Finally, A better performance. Woah, Devin really nailed this song. He made this version of Listen a bit enjoyable and soft. And he sang spanish thing, eventhough that's not helping the performance very much. This is a great vocal from Devin. Slightly better than all of the guys who had performed. I really had a huge expectation for him towards

7. Elijah Liu - Talking To The Moon: 18
Somebody needs to tell him that he needs to stop using his falsetto because it sucks. It was really annoying when he sang with his falsetto because he couldn't reached that. Vocally wasn't the best vocal of the night. I heard a lot of pitch issues. I think that the performance was really safe. Elijah wants to make himself so current but picked the wrong song choice.

8. Charlie Askew - Rocket Man: 12
I don't know how did Charlie got a good feedbacks from this performance. Because from what i've seen, this is just one of the worsts performances of the night. Yikes. He's screaming. He's all over the place. A really messy performance.

9. Jimmy Smith - Raining on Sunday: 15
Enough with all the bad performances, The guys do sucks. Oh my, this is just another bad song choice. I don't know if Jimmy is trying to impressed Keith with this song choice, but it's not working. It's really bad. Really boring. 

10. Curtis Finch Jr - Superstar: 63
Well I dont know if that standing ovation is a worth one. Because It wasn't that great when I watched it back. Vocally, he won the night. This performance and Devin's are the only two that better. That really entertaining and enjoyable. The rests were a meh. I don't know how the judges going to pick five where only 2 of them did well. 

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