Friday, April 19, 2013

American Idol 12 - Semi Finals Girls

Semi Finals has been the hardest decision not only for the judges but for America to vote. Because only half of them will advance. I really hope that there will be a wildcard pick. And all for the girls. I think the ones who will easily sneak out to the Top 10 are Kree Harrison, Angie Miller and Aubrey Cleland. I think even bad or not the performance is they will still going on. I'm not sure how Janelle Arthur will survive because this is a bigger wave. I had a huge expectation for Zoanette Johnson, Candice Glover and Amber Holcomb. Let's see:

1. Zoanette Johnson - What's Love Got To Do With It: 16
Oh my Zoanette. Nicki is right this time. When It turns to Tina Turner, all you need to do is to hit all of the notes. I remember Naima Adedapo also struggled when she picked this song. Zoanette thought that the funny performance will helped her get through, I Don't thikn that will happen. I thought that from now on, The voters will picked wisely for the girls and don't give a damn for the guy. Zoanette been underestimated for the whole season, this just made it even worse.

2. Breanna Steer - Flaws And All: 56
Different from the 'Bust Your Windows' perforamance, Breanna needs to stop showing America that "I Also can be Beyonce, too". She picked a Beyonce song that showed her diva side. I just not feeling it. I thought It's wrong to picked this song because this song didn't showed her beautiful voice. How I Wish she just cut last week so that she can return next year.

3. Aubrey Cleland - Big Girls Don't Cry: 64
Woah, What happened with all these girls picking all the lame song choices. I thought picking this song is really stupid. It's like you're playing too safe. You can't play safe this time. Aubrey's performance was slightly better than Breanna and Zoanette (Obviously) but It didn't showcase her beautiful voice. And her vocals aren't that flawless as usual. Nicki is correct again for this night.

4. Janelle Arthur - If I Can Dream: 54
I think the first four of the night is the four that won't go to the next round, eventhough I still believe Aubrey can still advance. Janelle's performance is much better than that Lady Antebellum performance. She got more feeling in this song eventhough still I want her to return to the old her. This song didn't do anything. She is a much better singer than this. She just needs to let go. And when she let go, she will go straight to the top of the pack. Just like when Hollywood week.

5. Tenna Torres - Lost: 49
It's weird because I kinda liked this performance. I tried to like her so I watched every second of the performance. And what I love is, Randy is right. She didn't oversing. That's what matter. She sounded good in this performance. I didn't heard that nasal voice like the last performance. I liked this, But I don't think her advance to next round would really came true.

6. Angie Miller - Never Gone: 75
This is what  kind of singer Angie Miller is going to be in the next few years. She will be the female version of Colton Dixon. Picking a Colton Dixon not just smart but a great move. She nailed it, and all of the Messengers out there will probably voting for her. That's nice. Her vocals here was really good. Eventhough I heard one or two pitchy notes at the end. But I really felt this performance. It touched my heart.

7. Amber Holcomb - I Believe In You And Me: 67
Picking this song is a really great move. Because It will showcase her voice more. She's that young version of Amber Holcomb. Just watch out and don't be the next Pia Toscano. All I need to see is her singing an uptempo song and If she did, I'm good with it. Which means she can sing anyhting. All of the runs works really well through the entire performance. I thought this was really good.

8. Kree Harrison - Stronger: 85
Kree is on the top of the pack. God, this girl had like something I don't know. She sounded amazing on this performance. Listening to her voice is pleasing my ears. Everytime she hits that really high notes that I don't know if any of the girls could do it is just amazing. I'm amused by the group of girls this year. Kree is one of them. I Believe she also can sing others. She got that control everytime she sings and that's wonderful. That clear tone that she got is just wow. I'm just amused by this performance.

9. Adriana Latonio - Stand Up For Love: 36
I Knew that Adriana would really sucked this time. She is just a boring ballad singer. The song choice she picked this time is really boring and safe. She's like Thia Megia. Picking a really safe ballad song choice would really hurt. It didn't go anywhere.

10. Candice Glover - Ordinary People: 88
Miss Glover! Sing! Oh My! This girl is on the top of the pack. Who would expect Candice would really sing this song. Candice got that bluesy and jazzy side that I didn't know coming from that mouth. And the long notes she hold at the end was just flawless. At the beginning, she's so laid back and so confidence and sure about her performance. I loved it. Best of the night!

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