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American Idol 12 - TOP 8 - DETROIT

I'm a bit shocked that Paul Jolley is leaving home. And Also Amber Holcomb being in the bottom is really ridicolous. I thought that Paul Jolley and Amber Holcomb did better than Lazaro Arbos who is safe. What the hell is happening in this world? I'm not shocked when I saw Devin Velez being in the bottom, cause he's been struggling this couple of weeks. If he didn't make a change this week, he's probably the one who's leaving. I don't see Candice Glover, Kree Harrison and Angie Miller hitting the bottom three. But I can tell Janelle Arthur is so in trouble being in the bottom three while Amber Holcomb needs to hope that the guys will leave first. 

This week's theme has been repeated for the hundreds time on Idol. So I could see some songs had been sung over and over. And Let the comparing begins:

My favorite this week is again, Kree Harrison. Janelle Arthur came second. Janelle Arthur is doing great y'all. The third is Amber Holcomb. Amber Holcomb is doing so fine this week. So I don't think she will be in the bottm three. I honestly thought Lazaro Arbos finally shakes things up. He's not that boring as usual. Candice Glover dissapoint me a bit this week. Angie Miller is also a big dissapointment. Burnell Taylor also dissapoint me just a tiny bit. 

There are also a duet and trios. The duets and trios didn't really helped the contestants that time. Even one of the trios made Nicki begged them to leave the stage! Woah. 

Here are the performances from Top 8 - Detroit Week:

1. Candice Glover - I Heard It Through The Grapevine by Marvin Gaye: 64
I've seen a lot of different version and rendition of this song. And not every rendition works well for me. I remember season 10, Casey Arbams did really awful to this song. And I also remember Andrew Garcia too. I also remember Skylar Laine who I thought did the best rendition ever on Idol. Candice made this her own, I don't enjoyed much as I thought I would be. She put that bluesy spin in this performance that makes the performance even more enjoyable. 

2. Kree Harrison & Janelle Arthur - Like A Prayer by Madonna: 48
Kree Harrison and Janelle Arthur get that comparisons a lot. And I'm not liking it. They need to stop doing that. Kree is more like country-soul singer, she can sing any songs and make it her own. Janelle Arthur is more into a country singer with a feeling into it. The message she says delivered really well. Not that Kree couldn't. The performance got that country spin in it. I don't see Kree outshined Janelle or in reverse, They both didn't do what they supposed to be doing. That's it.

3. Lazaro Arbos - For Once In My Life by Stevie Wonder: 38
Started off so weird for me. Right, It came back comparing to Scotty Mccreery who succesfully made this song his own. Lazaro's version is more into upbeat one. I was suprised that actually he didn't sucked at usual. Thank god he didn't forget the lyrics, and he stays on key. Pitch issues isn't the problem this time. But It was really safe. Another problem is Lazaro there is no emotion while he sings, just like Devin Velez. This is too karaoke, but thank god first that he hits all the notes.

4. Janelle Arthur - You Keep Me Hangin On by The Supremes: 81
Set me free why don't you babe, get on my life why don't you babe.. Janelle Arthur finally had returned for her second great performances. When last week is more into feeling and emotion. This performance gave me goosies. She is so great when she sings with her guitar. I don't know, I felt like she is more into it. She is more confidence. I love this version of the song. Great rendition and interpretation. Seriously, Janelle just came from the bottom to the top of the pack.

5. Devin Velez - Track Of The Tears by The Miracles: 56
Devin had no problem in pitch issues or what ever. He hits all the notes so perfectly. He had no problem in that. He's a great singer. His melody is also over the top. Again, there is no feeling in this performance. The performance seems dead to me. I wasn't feeling it. But, vocally he nailed it. Talking about falsetto, I warned Elijah Liu not to use his falsetto. Devin used his falsetto and that is suprisingly not working this time. So, I wasn't crazy for this performance. But If there is a miracle, that he will be still going on next week. He really needs to show his big gun.

6. Candice Glover, Amber Holcomb & Angie Miller - I'm Gonna Make You Love Me by The Supremes: 74
Woah, what a great vocal. I'm gonna seperate all the three singers up there. First of all, Candice Glover. Candice sounded really amazing on this one. Amber Holcomb, Amber is so hot on this trio. Eventhough Candice's vocals wins in this trio. Amber also deliveres some great vocals that isn't dissapointing. And last, Angie Miller is the hottest. And all the runs she played really works for the trio. She can works on stage really well. She knows how to move and when to do it. This trio is like the super power. Reminded me of Jessica, Skylar and Hollie last season. And I love how the fireworks at the ending shines three of them while they're posing. Yeah. 

7. Burnell Taylor - My Cherie Amour by Stevie Wonder: 60
Burnell's knowledge about song is really limited. That makes the song choices seems so predictable and cheesy. I don't know, I wasn't crazy for the arrangement which seems too sleepy for me. After some of killer performances tonight, Maybe we just forget about Burnell. I'm afraid he will leave because this performance didn't do anything. There's nothing about the performance that made me crazy for it. Nope.

8. Angie Miller - Shop Around by The Miracles: 35
What happened with Angie Miller? For the first time she really moved around and felt like owning the stage. If she felt like she already owned it. She's wrong. It was more like she confused where to go. She looks so confused through the whole performance. And so do I. I'm confused with the song choice. Why Is She picking this song? All the notes that she hit perfectly at the end didn't do anything to the performance. So, It was like a miss to me. Well, she looks so hot in this performance. The outfit really made her looks really hot. If you said that there is no sexy lady in this season. Nah, you just haven't seen Amber Holcomb and Angie Miller shown their sexy side.

9. Amber Holcomb - Lately by Stevie Wonder: 78
Again, like 'I Heard It Through The Grapevine', 'Lately' also has a lot of version that ever made on Idol. John Stevens' version, that i didn't liked. Stefano's more upbeat version, which I really like. Colton's version and Amber's. To me, Amber's version is more like a version that would slapped someone If they understood the meaning of the song. More elegant version of Lately. Vocally, she killed it! I don't even think she will be in the bottom after this crazy performance. 

10. Burnell Taylor,Lazaro Arbos & Devin Velez - I Can't Help Myself by The Four Tops: 13
Like What I did to the girls. I'm gonna seperate the three of them. First, Burnell Taylor. Burnell sounded really stiff in this performance. He's confused. Devin Velez outshined the two of them. He definitely wins this time. He's so relaxed up there. Lazaro Arbos forgot the lyrics. What happened to him? It's top eight. There is no reason to forget lyrics anymore since you had a lot of time practicing the song. The performance was more like unrehearsed 

11. Kree Harrison - Don't Play That Song by Ben. E King: 74
Tell her to never stop singing. I'm gonna kill myself If she's not on the finale. With Candice. Every parts of the performance is flawless. Her vocals, again won the night for me. All the runs and stuffs works really well in this song. I'm not a fan of this song choice. I thought she would killed another song but this. But, I changed my mind. She definitey sang this really well. And I'm so confident that she will be the top three of the night. 

My Prediction for the bottom three are Devin Velez, Lazaro Arbos and Angie Miller(umm, she won't) and Burnell Taylor. With Burnell Taylor leaving. The trio and the solo didn't do anything and won't helped him getting through. 

My prediction for top three are Kree Harrison, Janelle Arthur and Amber Holcomb. Suprised? Yes. Amber will.

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