Thursday, May 16, 2013

American Idol 12 - Finale

Angie's elimination was like the most shocking elimination on Idol ever for everyone. For me, not really. For me, none of her three performances are her best. Kree had a beautiful rendition of 'Here Comes Goodbye'. And Candice slayed that West Side Story song. Angie had none. I mean, all two performances are good. and the last are damn boring. I think she's tired. She should've sung with her piano on her first song. Last week's results also said that Kree had the highest amount of votes. Since Ryan said that the results aren't in particular order. So, Kree must be the ones who's getting the most votes that week. 

Thursday, May 9, 2013

American Idol 12 - TOP 3 - Jimmy's Choice/Judges Choice/Producers' Choice

Amber is gone. We knew that these were the top three when the top 10 were formed. We knew this was the top three, unless there is a shocking elimination as I expect coming from Angie Miller. Last week, Kree Harrison is in the bottom. We knew on the top five when Kree Harrison is in the bottom three, It's just activate Kree's fanbases. They voted for Kree more and more. I honestly couldn't predicted the top 2. Every single contestant might be ended up being in the finale. I never underestimate Kree because her fanbases are just that strong. My wish for the finale is Kree and Candice. Dont get me wrong, I love Angie. But Kree and Candice has delivered more great performances than Angie. I prefer a Free Choice more than Producer's Choice. Producers didn't know how to picked a song for any of these contestants. I felt bad for Kree, Kree had been thrown under the bus by the judges since the top four. I think that think helps Kree's fanbases to vote her even more. 

Sunday, May 5, 2013

American Idol 12 - Top 4 Redux - Now And Then

Now And Then has been the most entertaining theme for me, I remember the last two seasons on top five weeks. The performances are crazy that time. And last season, I loved it too. Where shocking elimination happened. Last week's elimination said that nobody is leaving. Upset me a little bit, but on the other side. It's great for them to showed their teeth more. The amount of votes last week will be combine with this week and someone must leave this week. After Kree is safe, I honestly thought that Kree is now unsafe. People might think she's safe enough. So they will voted for Candice who they think is not safe. Amber, no hope for this girl. She is leaving this week. Angie, she's stronger. I don't think she deserve the spot on the top 2 or finale, Kree and Candice is a better singer. I think they must be on the finale. These top four is doing their job, I can't wait for a brand new season to start everything new. This season has been so frustating. I hope next season will be much better.