Friday, April 19, 2013

American Idol 12 - Vegas Round Girls Part 2

I think we should never compared the guys and the girls this year. It's like 500:1. The guys are so far left behind, the girls are much stronger. I didn't dissapointed by any of the results, because I just want them to all go home. I was suprised Johnny Keyser didn't get through. He is a better singer than Elijah Liu or even Charlie Askew. I'm fine with the rest. Paul Jolley is a better singer than last night. And Curtis Finch also Devin Velez definitely knows how to sing. So, not a big deal. Jimmy as a tie-breaker is so much important because I know he will picked a better bunch of guys instead of picking Elijah Liu and Charlie Askew who sucked last night. The girls are definitely back! The performances are even crazier than the first part of the girls. I just wanna put all of them through. Here we go,

1. Melinda Ademi - Nobody's Perfect: 32
If the producers picked this song for her, screw the producers. Screw them. It's pretty obvious that this kind of song didn't do anything for her voice. She's more like young, fresh and she needs to get rid of any ballads. Look what she did on 'Price Tag'. It was amazing and looks so natural. This is so stiff. I don't liked it. Vocally, didn't go anywhere.

2. Candice Glover - A Natural Woman: 68
I remember Candice as one of the bests audition this year. And the judges seemed they're pimping her. Wasn't matter. She got cut last year, yes..that's a right decision. This year she came back and she's so much better. The performances she gave on Hollywood are all crazy. This just wasn't it. I mean, vocally it was really good. But I don't know, she didn't add something new to it. I remember Lauren Alaina sang this and she sang really great! Candice didn't do the same thing as Lauren did. So it was just an OK for me.

3. Juliana Chahayed - Skyscraper: 60
She looks so cute and pretty. She's 15. The performance was good. I'm pretty impressed. Eventhough all the great vocals from the girls will hurt her. Like Candice, Breanna even Zoanette. She's that young singer than can go back anytime she wants to. The performance kinda...mediocre. It was good. But she didn't hit all the notes perfectly. She go soft and then sharp, and go on. So, she's not that ready. But It was still a good, heartwarming performance. I'm a bit impressed.

4. Jett Hermanio - Only Girl (In The World): 64
Lol guys remember Ta Tynisa? She sang this on top 24 two years ago and I was laughing so hard that time. 2 out of three judges gave her a great feedback. I don't know how did that happened. Um, this is good. I mean she made it her own. It wasn't karaoke at all. So, I'm impressed. This is good. And her vocals are what this is all about. She's talented. But when It comes to the voting round, she won't get enough votes.

5. Cristabel Clack - No One: 46
I think all of them needs to know which song that had been sung over and over and stop singing it. The Producers or who ever needs to make a list of that. This song had been so overdone. Her vocals are flawless. If she picked a right song, that would be so damn amazing. But, sorry Cristabel. You picked a really horrible song choice tonight.

6. Aubrey Cleland - Sweet Dreams: 72
Okay Aubrey, a brave move. Jessica Sanchez fans would be so mad at this performance. I won't pick between those two. Because I love both performances. I think Aubrey's performance is the more classy, enjoyable version while Jessica's version is more heavy and Jessica had more feeling and emotion to it. So I felt more than Aubrey's. But, Aubrey's version is a good one too. Aubrey is a ballad singer, I hope she change things up so that he won't  be a boring singer.

7. Rachel Hale - Nothing But The Water: 43
Rachel Hale is the most cheerful contestants Idol had this season. She's more like a fun person. And she brought that smile everyime she sings. And her perforamance is even better when she smile because she felt it. Tonight, she got all the confidence. But i didn't feel it. I thought it was a miss tonight. I didn't enjoyed it much. Country fans would love it!

8. Breanna Steer - Bust Your Windows: 73
She got the swag! I love this girl. This is the best song choice so far on this Vegas Round. She's on fire while singing this, all the face expressions. She's feeling it. And audience felt it too. Standing Ovation should be given. Vocally, wasn't a picture perfect but at least there are no pitch issues or such things. It was really good! 

9. Janelle Arthur - Just A Kiss: 24
This is the worst song choice so far on this Vegas Round. I don't know about Janelle. She's the pimp spot this year, she came back and nailed everytime. She got that beautiful voice when she opened her mouth. It's just a matter of song. She didn't nailed it this time. This performance is so boring. I thought that she is the worst tonight. Even the runs couldn't helped the performance.

10. Zoanette Johnson - Circle Of Life: 62
This is crazy! Jennifer Hudson sang this and It's amazing. Vocally, she is too sharp and too screamy in some parts. But finally, a fun, enjoyable and funny performance that would make you laugh. This is funny. She got the energy and this performance is inspiring. I never thought the performance would be this good. Eventhough she missed all the feelings and message about this song.

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