Friday, April 19, 2013

American Idol 12 - Vegas Round Guys Part 2

The exact feeling I felt when the first group of the girls were cut. I'm a bit confused how did Janelle Arthur gets through? Instead of Juliana Chahayed. I believe the big voices also ate Janelle Arthur alive. Juliana Chahayed or even Jett Hermanio. Wasn't surprised Rachel Hale didn't get through, because maybe the judges felt like she can handle the elimination because she's a happy person. I don't know, that's how I feel. Zoanette Johnson getting through to next round seemed like a big mistake for most people, I thought that's entertaining. I'm pretty excited for these new ten guys. About Cortez Shaw, Lazaro Arbos, Nick Boddington and Gupreeth. I can picture how some of the guys will sucked. But we'll see first:

1. Mathnee Treco - A Little Less Conversation: 21
Wow! This is so funny. I can't beleive he's a dancer. Or more like, I can't believe he can dance. I thought he's more like that stiff ballad singer. I'm incorrect this time. He can sing an uptempo but it's really bad. So that doesn't count. This is the pressure of going on first. It was more nervous than the rest of the guys. The performance didn't go anywhere. 

2. Gupreeth Singh - Nothing Ever Hurt Like You: 23
I love his voice! I think he's unique. The funny thing is, people are underestimating all the guys this season. Gupreeth has been the most memorable audition and he's been doing so well on the Hollywood Round. This performance wasn't as bad as Randy said. But It was pretty forgettable. But the vocal here is amazing.

3. Vincent Powell - Cause I Love You: 77
Woah, this is amazing. Even better than that Curtis guy. From the audition, Vincent killed and nailed it. I don't know If he's going this far. And the performance seemed so free. He's confidence and I loved it. There's nothing much to say. I thought this was wonderful. 

4. Nick Boddington - Say Something Now: 50
I don't know If the competition would be this boring. Nick did a wonderful job on Hollywood week. Thank god they showed it to viewers. That kinda helped him. This performance seemed like a miss for me. I didn't enjoyed the first part, the second part was much better. Vocally, It didn't do anything. And didn't go anywhere. The ones I thought the strongest is now probably not going to the next round.

5. Josh Holiday - Better With You: 53
This is an original song. Don't you guys know how hard it is to sing an Original Song on round like this. You need to convinced that this song really suited the contestants. I thought Josh did an OK job. This was way too safe. This kind of record will make his fans snore. This is boring. I mean, It didn't go anywhere too.

6. David Willis - Fever: 62
This is much  better than the four of the guys up there. He brought his guitar feeling so confidence about the performance. I kinda liked it. It's a bit old fashioned and can came up boring. But, for a spot on the top 20 It's a worthy one. Give him a chance. Vocally, there is no problem with him. 

7. Bryant Tadeo - New York State Of Mind: 55
He didn't know how hard for an Asian to get through. Heejun is lucky because he's funny. Bryant Tadeo had no personality. He got no soul. I don't know why did he picked this song, because thousands Idols have sung this much better than he did. Eventhough his vocals are okay, better than the other guys. I felt like he's boring.

8. Burnell Taylor - This Time: 74
I remember him, Mariah love him so much. He made Mariah cry on the Audition. The thing that stood out from him is his tone. So perfect. So beautiful. And the style. I really love this performance because It's so relaxing. This is what the competition is. He choosed a song that really suited him. And He made it his own. A smart, brave and crazy move!

9. Lazaro Arbos - Tonight I Wanna Cry: 26
Is the judges to afraid to give a criticism. Because I thought Lazaro should be criticized even worse. The performance is so boring. Lazaro and Keith is different. This is so sleepy. Paul Jolley and Lazaro Arbos failed singing one of the judges great song. I don't know, I think this is just really bad. 

10. Cortez Shaw - Titainum: 68
I can picure him being on the radio. A Current artist. Like Ne-Yo. This performance begins with a key that really high and too high for him. Eventhough he didn't missed any of the note. This is a great performance. What I love about him is he is so current that people will love him when he sings. Just picked the right song. I don't find it hard for him to get through to the tour. 

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