Thursday, May 9, 2013

American Idol 12 - TOP 3 - Jimmy's Choice/Judges Choice/Producers' Choice

Amber is gone. We knew that these were the top three when the top 10 were formed. We knew this was the top three, unless there is a shocking elimination as I expect coming from Angie Miller. Last week, Kree Harrison is in the bottom. We knew on the top five when Kree Harrison is in the bottom three, It's just activate Kree's fanbases. They voted for Kree more and more. I honestly couldn't predicted the top 2. Every single contestant might be ended up being in the finale. I never underestimate Kree because her fanbases are just that strong. My wish for the finale is Kree and Candice. Dont get me wrong, I love Angie. But Kree and Candice has delivered more great performances than Angie. I prefer a Free Choice more than Producer's Choice. Producers didn't know how to picked a song for any of these contestants. I felt bad for Kree, Kree had been thrown under the bus by the judges since the top four. I think that think helps Kree's fanbases to vote her even more. 

Tonight, It's weird. Last season on the top three. I wasn't feeling any performances except from Phillip. The last two seasons, It was the closest top three. This season, I hardly choose of who is the top two. Who wins the night? It's Candice. Candice's last performance is a total package. You found a great vocal there, emotion, feeling, stage presence. One of the best she ever had. Then, this night. I found Kree's best performance of Rascal Flatts' song. The performance blew me away. Kree had a two bad song choices which hurted her. Angie had a three good performances. I want people to listen, good performances isn't that worthy for the finale. So, tonight's ranking is Candice-Kree-Angie. Angie had a three good performances, while Kree had one amazing performances. Angie and Kree can switch up. But, i really want Kree and Candice to be on the finale.

1. Kree Harrison - Perfect: 44
Kree always sounded great vocally. I'm really glad that she is safe. Being in the top three isn't bad at all. At least, you've made your hometown proud. You got your hometown visit. And If Kree leaves tomorrow, She should've be proud of herself for coming this far. Back to the performance,  Jimmy said that she wanted to hear Kree singing a Pop song. Well, this wasn't it. She sounded great on other pop songs but this. This sounded like Kree's struggling. But I loved that she really understood every lyrics and thought of her niece while singing it. That's sweet. This was Kree's worst performance for me.

2. Candice Glover - One: 73
Mary J Blige, I hope you watch Idol from the beginning. Candice got the most shoutouts from famous people out there. Well, she deserved it. Candice, again she showed that she is going to win this thing. It's not that Black People couldn't win the competition. I never doubted her on winning this competition. Because If she pulled out the big gun, she will win this competition. She and Angie is the two most predicted to be on the finale, which leaves Kree behind. This performance may not the best performance she'd ever performed. But I'm glad she felt it. We felt it. And I loved it.

3. Angie Miller - Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word: 65
Jacob Lusk! Hell NO. I'm super glad that Angie didn't sing with her piano this time. Because that would be so damn cheesy. Angie Miller's voice is soo good, everytime she sings It makes my heart melts. Her eyes are so gorgeous. Angie Miller always blew me away when she hit that high notes. I heard one or two pitchy things in the performance, It wasn't all that perfect. It wasn't her best either. Vocally, like I said It was a bit pitchy here and there. The first time she put her feeling into it. Not the best perforamnce she got, But this was really good.

4. Candice Glover - Next To Me: 62
Finally, an uptempo. Candice's hometown visit made me cry. I don't know. I cried really hard watching Scotty's hometown visit. This made me cry so bad. She met her family, she had the crowds cheering her name. Candice is definitely on the top of the pack. The judges picked this song for Candice, It wasn't the best song choice. But, It was good. Vocally, It was really good. She had moments up there, that's what viewers looking for. She is soaring up there. Candice, my girl. You ain't going anywhere.

5. Angie Miller - Try: 70
Angie is kinda a fun person. She laughs a lot. She make funny things a lot. She's that popular girl in school. Angie's hometown visit probably the happiest hometown visit where there is no tears. Judges picked a song that really suitcase her vocals. It wasn't all perfect. They were right, this was the moment where Angie looked really comfortable without singing with her piano. Vocally, it wasn't the best. She rocked out. And the performance was really good.

6. Kree Harrison - Here Comes Goodbye: 80
Kree's hometown visit made me cry the most. She is so strong that made me into tears. And When she visit her old house, that made me cried. I'm bawling right here. I'm digging tough women. She couldn't hold her emotion while singing 'See You Again' which for me would be my favorite performance. The performance was her best performance to date, not really. But one of the bests. If she never performed Stronger, this was her best. Vocally, Kree sounded really amazing here. The power behind those vocals are undeniably amazing. And again feeling and emotion are the best thing while Kree's performing. Overall, It was really amazing.

7. Angie Miller - Maybe: 39
She is finally singing with her piano. The judges decided to keep on giving negative feedbacks for Kree to make Angie-Amber..Wait, Angie-Candice. Since Amber was eliminated last week. I don't really dig this performance. She's all over the place. She is so stiff on that piano. She's oversinging. I don't know why I hated this performance this much. But this didn't go anywhere.

8. Kree Harrison - Better Dig Two: 46
Kree's last performance is another wrong song choice of the night. If they just let the contestants sing a free choice they would all nailed it. Judges finally criticized her and predicted her to be gone tomorrow. If she leaves, she would leave with the best effort. She fought really hard. The performance, I don't know If the producers wants Kree to enjoy every minute on stage. Kree's not feeling comfortable singing this. I didn't liked it that much. I felt like she's too forced to sing this which affected the whole performance. Nicki is right, Producers should be stoned.

9. Candice Glover - Somewhere: 88
Candice Glover is the front-runner since the beginning, We knew she got the best voice in the competition. But we're not that sure If she can win this thing. We lost Candice on the top four, and she returned the following week. This week, I don't know what but Candice definitely won the night. I don't know If she's a real human. Her vocals are amazing. That big note killed me.

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