Thursday, May 16, 2013

American Idol 12 - Finale

Angie's elimination was like the most shocking elimination on Idol ever for everyone. For me, not really. For me, none of her three performances are her best. Kree had a beautiful rendition of 'Here Comes Goodbye'. And Candice slayed that West Side Story song. Angie had none. I mean, all two performances are good. and the last are damn boring. I think she's tired. She should've sung with her piano on her first song. Last week's results also said that Kree had the highest amount of votes. Since Ryan said that the results aren't in particular order. So, Kree must be the ones who's getting the most votes that week. 

Here are the performances:

1. Kree Harrison - Angel: 66
Who would picked to performed first. Especially at the finale. Kree did. Well, we knew that Simon Fuller absolutely not good at picking songs. Sucked at picking last year's songs. Jessica sang 'I Have Nothing' is so lame. And Unreasonable pick for Phillip as well. But, this time, I am not fully disagree with this pick. This song helped Kree to show her softer side more. Her vocals here are flawless. It was so tender and moving. But, I would've wished that she put her Kree more into the song. I thought she absolutely sang the way Sarah McLachlan sing. It's Sarah Mclachlan's version, I really hoped that it was more like Kree's version of the song. But, as an opening. It was really a captivating performance. I felt it. And this is my guilty pleasure performance. 

2. Candice Glover - Chasing Pavements: 54
I am so tired at people singing an Adele song. I seriously said that Hollie Cavanagh singing Rolling In The Deep is the last time American Idol contestant sang an Adele. It have been so overdone. Candice's performance was fine. I don't find the awesomeness in her performance. I thought that her vocals here were a little bit messy. However, I loved that she put her Candice into this song which Kree didn't do that. I loved that she but a bluesy and jazzy spin at the beginning. And at the end, It was so nicely done. Overall, It wasn't that bad. But I didn't found her willingness to win this competition in this performance. It was still a good performance after all. 

3. Kree Harrison - All Cried Out: 74
I seriously hope that whether Kree wins or not, a label will contract her and release her albums as soon as possible. Phillip's coronation song might be one of the bests Idol ever had. It was so moving and so touching at the same time. Kree's performance may not have all of that, but I really love this song. It was so touching. Some parts where it was a little bit screamy. But, Nicki is right. I heard a different type of her voice. She's digging into it. I'm completely going to buy this song. 

4. Candice Glover - I Am Beautiful: 58
I don't know why, I used to love every Candie's performances. This was a bit miss. I thought that the title is too ambitious. The performance was too ambitious. The song wants the listeners to feel connected to this song. Rather than giving me an inspiring performance, Candice didn't gave me something i needed from her. I don't fully agree with everything people said. And the lyrics were so cliche. It was cheesy. I didn't find the greatness in Kree's single. Although, she hits some beautiful vocals at the chorus which brings us back to why we love Candice Glover. She can sing, But I'm not really feeling her tonight.

5. Kree Harrison - Up To The Mountain: 86
When I first heard she's going to reprise this performance, I knew that It was going to be amazing. This performance will brought us back to the old Kree that people been waiting for. I don't really dig the choir thing, I don't think It was that important for her performance. I loved this. This was my second chill after her single performance. This made me love her even more. The perforamnce was so beautiful, It was so heart-warming. So touching. And vocally, she nailed it. That big note at the end was even prettier than what she did on Vegas Round. She's giving us a powerful performance that will helped her with voters, I believe.

6. Candice Glover - I Who Have Nothing: 83
I'm not really crazy about her picking this song. I honestly thought that It would've been better If she picked 'Don't Make Me Over' or 'You've Changed' or even 'Somewhere'. Jordin did this earlier in her season. So, It would've been so hard for Candice to nailed it. I am not a fan of her performance either, I thought It was really great when she started this song with acapella. And with a dramatic spin towards the end, Candice killed this song. It didn't hit me as crazy as her top 10 performance. But she definitely have a moment tonight. Vocally, It was stunning. She's so damn talented. Everybody loves her. 

Tonight, I'm feeling Kree more than Candice. I love Candice so much. But, Kree is back on the game tonight. I honestly felt like she's going to fight back after all the underestimating coments she got. To predicted, I believe Kree will win this competition. Country votes are the strongest.

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